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Book- Members of Constituent Assembly 2013 of Nepal

Introduction and Contents of the Book

1. Introduction of Nepal

2. The location of Nepal in World map, Asia

3. Data related to Nepal

4. Data related to CA Election, 2013

6. Results at a Glance of CA Election, 2013

7. Detailed profile (CV) of the direct CA members, 2013

8. Detailed profile (CV) of the proportional CA members, 2013

9. Schedules of CA Election 2070 results.

10. Charts and diagrams of CA Election 2070 results.

11. Classification of direct and proportional men and women CA members

12. Age classification on the basis of direct and proportional CA members

13. Education on the basis of classification of direct and proportional constituent members

14. Information of the Winner of two constituencies in direct constituent members

15. Committees of CA 2013

16. Schedule CA 2013

17. Introduction of the 75 districts

18. Information of CA members

19. Dream of New Nepal

20. Plans, hypotheses and concepts of development of future Nepal.

21. The list and pictures of national pride plans

22. Special greeting message from the President of more than 10 political parties including Vice-President.

23. This book also useful for domestic and foreign researchers about Constituent and Constituent

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